Why do we want to help you?

Because we are tired of the dating sites that are not worth any of your attention. The thing is, it’s really hard to find a good international dating platform today, and we know everything about it — almost every member of the JapaneseBrideOnline team has faced this problem at least once. We’ve wasted time and money on poor-quality dating services, and this is the main reason why we’ve decided to help other men. With our service, you will not make any mistakes — all the sites you’ll find on JapaneseBrideOnline.com were thoroughly tested and proven to work as expected. Basically, we’ve done all the work for you and the only thing you need to do now is to choose the dating service you like most.

How do we monetize JapaneseBrideOnline.com?

We get advertising (affiliate) commission from some websites you’ll find on JapaneseBrideOnline. This means we get paid when you click on the links to get to the dating site, create an account on it, or make a purchase (credits of premium subscription) on this website. We earn a commission if you buy anything on a dating site after following our links, and these commissions can influence which dating sites we write about or in what order the websites appear on our top lists. However, the advertising commissions do NOT affect our opinions and evaluations — we write honest reviews and we tell all the truth about the sites no matter how much they pay for their affiliate’s traffic.

How do we analyze and review dating websites?

First, we choose the site to write a review about. Then, our team of designers, web analysts, and writers starts working. We analyze all the most important factors (we’ll talk about them later on this page), talk to the real users of the site to understand its strong and weak sides, and analyze the competitors of this site. We always keep our information up-to-date and do our best to write 100% fair reviews.

What factors do we take into account?

Number of users and their behavior

With Ahrefs, SEMrush, and other tools, our web analysts evaluate the popularity of the dating sites and the behavior of the users of these websites. When we say “user behavior” we mean the actions customers take when they use this service and the time they spend on it. The popularity of the dating site is the real number of users it has (daily users, new users, etc) — oftentimes, the real numbers differ from the numbers the dating sites provide to their customers.

What do customers say about the site?

Reputation is everything. When it comes to dating sites, reputation is one of the most important things to consider — and our team knows how to find what real users think of a dating service. We analyze every source, from Reddit and Trustpilot to Facebook and Sitejabber to understand the real strengths and weaknesses of a dating platform while writing a review on it. Our web analysts collect all the reviews, distinguish fake ones from real ones, and create a short and simple SWOT-like summary to help you understand if you can trust a dating site or not.

Is the website comfortable to use?

Before adding a dating service to our top lists, we must make sure it has an easy-to-use interface. That’s what our design specialists do — they test every dating platform and analyze its user-friendliness and mobile-friendliness. Only the sites with convenient and intuitive interface design can appear on the JapaneseBrideOnline rating.

Are there many low-quality profiles?

That’s another important factor we analyze. We test all the sites ourselves to make sure the number of empty, low-quality profiles is not too high. We also analyze the average response rate to make sure you will not have to wait forever to get a response from women on a dating website.

Does the customer support team work well?

The last factor we evaluate is the quality of the customer service. Do customer support specialists respond in a professional way? Do they respond fast? Can you call them or contact them via live chat or is it only emails? Everything matters at this stage and we analyze everything related to the customer support of dating websites.