Do Japanese Women Like American Men?

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So, do Japanese women really love American men? Let’s start with the fact that according to statistics on the number of international marriages of Japanese women with American men, they rank third. Therefore, the answer to this question is certainly yes. The number of marriages with American men is growing every year in Japan. This is influenced by many reasons and factors that contribute to Japanese women’s popularity among Americans and vice versa.

Why Japanese women like American men: reasons and facts

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As Japanese women become more popular and desired among men’s part of the world, many men wonder if Japanese women really like American men. So let’s find out in more detail why Japanese women like American men and what they find most attractive in them?

Japanese girls find American men very handsome

Such interest of Japanese women in men from another continent is undoubtedly influenced by their appearance. While the average height of men is quite low in Japan, many women in Japan consider the ideal of beauty high height in men. In Japan, a high man will definitely receive increased attention from locals. In addition, large and bright eyes are also one of the secrets of why Japanese women like American men.

They are interested in American culture

Influenced by western media since childhood, these women are interested in American culture and often choose the United States to study or work. Nowadays, many young girls in Japan move to the United States for education or a career. Another important factor is that most Japanese women are fluent in English, which definitely makes communication much easier for both sides.

Japanese ladies are strong and hardworking

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Career and self-development are a top priority for Japanese women, and besides, they are very hardworking and strong, although they look very fragile and delicate. Many men in their home country are a little scared by such independent and strong women because they are looking for a “good girl” who falls under the image of a soft, weak, and very compliant woman. Therefore, Japanese women are attracted to American men because they do not have to pretend to be weak and naive.

They are not satisfied with local guys

According to statistics, in Japan, there is a very high divorce rate while the marriage rate is getting lower. As previously said, most men in Japan are looking for a certain ideal in a woman. In contrast, Japanese women want to achieve their own goals and success with a partner. They want to find a partner with whom they will be equal. Japanese ladies want to find a confident and reliable partner for relationships and family, develop together, and achieve their own goals.

To sum up

Many men dream of a Japanese mail order bride. These women enchant with their exotic beauty and wonderful character traits, but most importantly — Japanese girls find Western men very attractive. Today, thanks to mail order bride services and other online dating sites, everyone, regardless of where they are, can find a perfect match online.

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