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Today, Japanese women are extremely popular among the men’s part of the world. Almost everyone knows that these ladies are very exotic, beautiful, unusual, and petite. Fortunately, with international dating site and social media’s help, it is much easier to keep an eye on hot Japanese mail order wife. But to better understand what they look like and what sets them apart from all other Asian countries, let’s take a look at the top 10 hot Japanese ladies.

Top 10 Hot Japanese Chicks To Follow On Instagram

Shizuka Takeda

Shizuka Takeda japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @takedashizuka0517
  • Date of birth — May 17, 1988
  • Number of followers — 320K
  • Occupation — Model and yoga instructor

Shizuka Takeda is a popular Instagram influencer that is rapidly gaining popularity. Almost 70% of her Instagram audience is male, and she also actively posts on TikTok & YouTube. Angelic black eyes, plump lips, light hair, and a sporty graceful figure fascinate more and more fans from all over the world. The profile of this hot Japanese girl is filled with professional photoshoots in swimsuits and lingerie.


Rirey japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @riregram
  • Date of birth — July 8, 1989
  • Number of followers — 990K
  • Occupation — Bikini model

This bikini model is sure to drive you crazy with her feminine, sexy shapes. Rirey has already won the hearts of almost a million Instagram followers. If you like her fair skin, plump red lips, long brown hair, and hot figure, then her profile will be the perfect place for you.


Juri japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @jurixoxoxo
  • Date of birth — N/A
  • Number of followers — 304K
  • Occupation — Bikini model, DJ

This young girl is very actively gaining popularity in Japan today, and she is also very active on her Instagram page. Juri works as a bikini model, so her page is filled with pictures of sexy photoshoots almost every day. Moreover, this hot Japanese chick is also a popular DJ.

Erica Hori

Erica Hori japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @xerikax143
  • Date of birth — N/A
  • Number of followers — 189K
  • Occupation — Bikini model

Erica Hori is easily spotted for her feminine and curvy figure, her angelic big eyes, shiny brown hair. Her natural grace enchants thousands of men from all over the world. She is a famous bikini model, who delights her fans every day with professional photos.

Jun Hasegawa

Jun Hasegawa japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @liveglenwood
  • Date of birth — June 5, 1986
  • Number of followers — 1.7M
  • Occupation — Model

Jun Hasegawa is a very popular Japanese and American model. She was an exclusive model for a fashion Japanese magazine “VIVI.” Her page is sure to enchant you, her photos are very atmospheric and romantic — professional photos for famous brands and magazines.

Anne Nakamura

Anne Nakamura japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @cocoannne
  • Date of birth — 17 September 1987
  • Number of followers — 2.6M
  • Occupation — Model and actress

Anne Nakamura has conquered more than 2 million followers on Instagram with her toned figure, graceful features, and natural beauty. She has appeared in many fashion magazines and TV shows and is the idol of thousands of girls in Japan.


ROLA japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @rolaofficial
  • Date of birth — March 30, 1990
  • Number of followers — 6.4M
  • Occupation — Model and actress

Rola is the leading fashion model in Japan, who has conquered millions with her very exotic appearance. Her Instagram page is full of simple, harmonious, and aesthetic photos that will definitely enchant you. Rola is regularly filmed for the most famous fashion magazines in Japan such as “VIVI,” and she has appeared on runway shows — Tokyo Girls Collection in 2009 and Kobe Collection in 2008.

Nozomi Sasaki

nozomi sasaki japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @nozomisasaki_official
  • Date of birth — February 8, 1988
  • Number of followers — 4.3M
  • Occupation — Model and actress

Nozomi Sasaki is a famous fashion and glamour model with glowing shine skin, slim figure, and perfect sense of style, who has been fueling men’s dreams in countless TV and runaway shows.

Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @kyokofukada_official
  • Date of birth — November 2, 1982
  • Number of followers — 3.7M
  • Occupation — Actress and singer

Kyoko Fukada is a famous Japanese singer and actress with an audience of more than 3 million on Instagram. She has one of the most charming smiles and, with her inner positivity and joy, attracts more and more fans from all over the world.

Nicole Fujita

Nicole Fujita japanesebrideonline
  • Instagram — @2525nicole2
  • Date of birth — 20 February 1998
  • Number of followers — 3.6M
  • Occupation — Model

If you are crazy about cute and hot Japanese girls, then you definitely have to follow this beauty. Every day, she amazes thousands of followers with her amazing appearance and stylish outfits both on Instagram and YouTube.

To sum up

Did you find your favorite one on this list? Don’t hesitate and follow her, we are sure — you will enjoy it.

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